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Kama Sutra Sex Tips to Increase Penis Sensation

When it comes to masturbation and sex, it is easy to get into a rut. Guys know what feels good and often use the same technique over and over to get the job done. The problem is that going at it the same way every time can eventually lead to overall diminished sexual pleasure and this. in turn, can lead to sexual compensation in the form of frequent masturbation or aggressive sex and both of these sexual activities put stress on penis skin and neurons.

The result of this type of sexual behavior is diminished penis sensation. The best way to solve this problem of sexual redundancy is to mix things up, using positions and techniques that are designed to maximize penis sensation and increase erotic pleasure. Following the ancient secrets of the ama sutra and nourishing the skin of the penis using a mixture of penis-specific vitamins and minerals can increase the receptivity of the erogenous skin and turn the regular bump and grind into a sensual experience to remember.

 Why does penis sensitivity diminish over time? The skin of the penis is constantly exposed to friction of one kind or another. Frequent masturbation and sex put a lot of stress on the delicate dermal tissue, and even when men are not active, clothing and other materials can chafe and rub the skin. This ongoing friction causes a toughened layer of skin to build up, like the callouses that develop on the palms of the hands and soles of the feet. Because of this, the nerve endings that underlie the skin of the penis are less able to experience sexual stimuli, leading to decreased pleasure. In order to prevent loss of sensitivity or to stimulate new nerve receptors, sex therapists often recommend trying new positions.

The Kama Sutra, which is considered by many as the "bible" of sex positions, offers countless new ways to enjoy erotic play. This unique guide to sexual positions was written over 2,000 years ago, yet men and women have been using these ancient techniques for centuries to enhance the experience of physical pleasure, both during foreplay and intercourse itself. Introducing the Nirvana For men who are a little less sensitive down there, this position is ideal and the perfect introduction to the world of the kama sutra. To practice the "Nirvana" position, the woman lies down on a bed and raises her arms over her head - holding on to the headboard is helpful here.

Then the man positions himself on top of her. Her thighs remain together, and he straddles her, then enters her in this position. The Nirvana is ideal for both partners, as it not only creates a gentle pressure on the penis, but also maximizes stimulation of the clitoris. Make the most of the erotic experience In addition to experimenting with new positions such as the one described here, setting the right atmosphere can help both partners to experience sensual pleasure in a new way.

Taking time with each other and experimenting with other types of touch beyond penetration can help make the final moment more powerful. Massaging the penis with a specialized vitamin formula for increasing erotic sensation can become a pleasurable part of the experience and can enhance the sensitivity of the penile skin, especially when a partner participates in this sensual moment.
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Kamasutra Positions

Sure when we think of positions related to the Kamasutra we tend to think extravagant and incredibly sensual. But did you also know that a lot of the positions outlined in the Kamasutra are very basic? That's right, in fact the majority of the hundreds of positions in this ancient text, we probably already use! The Scissors Now I'm sure you have already tried this one. All it entails is for the woman to lie on her back.

The man on his knees then proceeds to hold onto her ankle region and spread her legs wide apart. From this position the man does all the work. This position enables a good passage for the man to enter into and he is able to rotate his pelvis in different directions to help stimulate different parts of the woman's vagina. Don't tell me you've haven't tried this one before?? The Scandinavian The Scandinavian is again very simple Kamasutra position that is often used by couples today. It requires the man to lie on his back to start with.

The woman then sits on top facing towards his feet, with her legs rapped over the side of his body. In essence she has her back turned to him. She then does all the work from here, thrusting back and forth, while he holds onto her buttocks and helps to increase the momentum. This position enables the woman to control the amount sexual pleasure that can be obtained by both participants. If you haven't tried the Scandinavian than give it a go, it's incredibly erotic.

The Tigress The tigress is a Kamasutra position that is a little more complicated to get into. It requires the man to sit down first. From there she should then proceed to sit on top at a perpendicular angle to her partner. Once she has entered on a right angle she should the hold her legs up at a 45 degree angle, placing her left arm around his right shoulder and using her other arm to support herself on the ground. He should the place his hands under her buttocks and 'do his stuff' from there.

I'm sure you'll muck this one up at first, but that's the whole fun of it! So there are a few Kamasutra positions that are simple yet very erotic at the same time. Make sure you try and have fun with this and don't take it too seriously. That's what modern day Kamasutra is all about in the end, making it enjoyable for both people in the relationship!
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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Kama Sutra Love Making Positions

The lights are focused and gloved fingers ply inside the belly with a tong of forceps. The blood soaked sponge keeps the operating area clean and visible. Dr. Silly would be in his elements with such a gory sight. It would not curdle up his blood. It is said that appendix is the bread and butter of a surgeon.

One appendix is bread and more number of appendices he removes the more butter it brings to his family. No wonder a patient who was found gripping his belly with pain, hardly able to speak, was found to carry in his pocket a note: "Doctor, please do not remove my appendix. It has been removed thrice." But here was a strange spectacle inside Dr. Silly's consulting room.

What was Dr. Silly doing in his own consulting room, kneeling down, kowtowing, head almost touching the floor, and gaze turned upwards at the cabinet box of CPU? I admit he was at a liberty to do any thing in his own consulting room, as long as he was alone.

Kama Sutra or Kamasutra sex positions and sex poses by Kamashastra

But the human mind is inquisitive and this strange position that is not described in any of the kamsutra positions would perplex anybody. His consulting room had the same lavish ambience that you find in the Crystal Ball Room of the five star hotel of Taj International Group. Just awesome!

Dr. Silly in his plush consulting room was tinkering with the innards of his desk top computer's CPU. The operation carried out using some assorted set of screwdrivers seemed to be over. Out came the hard disk and out came the ram. Dr. Silly wiped the sweat off his face and slumped in his luxurious chair. His face showed a mixture of triumph and dismay. We can allow

Dr. Silly the joy of triumph for anybody would attest that ordinarily he would not have even opened a torch to replace the battery inside. The hardware engineer told Dr. Silly his verdict, "Your hard disk is conked off and there has been a short circuit. Your ram is singed." Dr. Silly admitted that he smelt something burning when he was meddling with the insides of the computer in the head down, bottom up position.

He then quickly switched off the computer and finally found he had inserted the ram in the slot in a direction opposite to what should have been. A smartass who plays nasty pranks on other person's computer while logged in to his own laptop, and hiding somewhere in the World Wide Web would be called a 'hacker'. What is the opposite of 'hacker'?
Kamsutra position photograph

What would you call him who cannot log in his own website's control panel or cannot prevent his own website's domain name from being usurped by some one else? I would not call him 'naïve'. Can you figure out an antonym for 'hacker'? If you can't, don't rake your brains. Moreover, you will not find it in any of the world's books of Thesaurus, so don't waste time searching for it in Google.

I will disclose to you the word that best describes the opposite of 'hacker', but first let us finish with Dr. Silly's story. Let us spill the secret.What was the emergency that made Dr. Silly kowtow in the humble Buddhist posture of meditation to work with the screw driver? Dr. Silly's plight was that his computer, his internet connectivity and his websites were all in critical condition.

His domain name was likely to be sabotaged. His website did not show up on the internet for several days. Dr. Silly's websites are registered on someone else's name and in the God's world he does not know how to get it transferred to his own name while renewing the domain registration.

He faced all this despite having paid five years fees for domain name renewal before the date of expiration. Expiration, Dr. Silly knew was a deadly sin in medical practice. Adding to this misery, [you will know when it happens to you] was the pitiable condition of his computer, which was bereft of hard disk and all his precious data.
Exotic Massage From the Kama Sutra

He is at sixes and sevens when it comes to computronics in the web world. I do not mean things that are complicated and difficult where a geek can say to his colleague, "It's elementary, Dr. Watson." I hope you understand I am talking of as simple things as writing your name on your own notebook.

Let us allow Dr. Silly his sense of achievement because despite the damaged hard disk and lost data, he did manage to boot his computer using a Live CD Ubuntu Linux, which was an antique outdated version, but functional.
Fellow geeks and well wishers on the other side of the continent came to his rescue. He is grateful to them and glad about it.But my question remains unanswered, "What do you call such a nut? What is the antonym for 'hacker'?" I will call him 'sacker' until you come up with a better name.

The word 'sacker', pronounced today is historical, a new addition to English language, a word that will find a place in Thesaurus henceforth. And what is the antonym of the word 'Thesaurus'? Never mind. Let us not scratch the cerebral cortex or cortices too much.

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Monday, March 15, 2010

Kamasutra Position Diagrams

The question is whether Kamasutra position diagrams can help couples to improve their lovemaking. In a psychological survey report in US it has been highlighted that 68% of the relationships do not work out only for the dissatisfaction in sexual performance. It is true that the relationship between the partners have two main aspects, the emotional and the physical.
Emotional bonds can be created easily and can be maintained throughout only if you are satisfied with your partner physically.Different individuals have different preferences regarding sex and sexual performance. People look at it through different point of view; however, the bottom-line is the satisfaction of the desires.
Sex is a human necessity and it is an art which you need to practice to gain perfection. In ancient India, people devoted their lives in the research and they were able to find out the most exciting and amazing facts about lovemaking.

If you want to enhance the sexual performances between you and your partner, it is advisable to refer to the book of Kama-sutra for Kamasutra positions diagrams, the divine knowledge of making love. For a better sexual performance you need to prepare yourself first and that requires education and awareness.
Experts always look forward to the book as the Guru of lovemaking and an extensive research work has been done to blend the ancient knowledge with the modern science. There are different translations of the Kamasutra available in different languages so that, people from the different parts of the world can learn the techniques and use them in their day to day life.

If you want to refer to the book and inherit some divine knowledge about lovemaking then it is always suggested to read the Kamasutra. Though the original book was composed in ancient Sanskrit language, however, there are versions available in English, French, German and Russian in the market. You can download the E-books from the Internet and most of them can be downloaded free of cost.
There are illustrations of the lovemaking positions available with the book which you can follow to provide your partner the ultimate satisfaction.If you are looking for the free downloading of the Kama sutra pictures then you might search in the Google. There are a lot of websites who offers free downloading.
Select the pictures according to your and your partner's preferences and your body type. Learn and understand it before you try it practically. Always keep in mind the Golden Words - practice makes a man perfect.
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